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Web Development

Gone are the days of websites! What businesses need know a days is a web solution not a website. We at Abaad Media create solutions in which the basic website is just a portion of the grater whole. The web solution we provide could be seen as a real shop and office online. It enables you to present what you do online, build your customer database online, interact with your customers online, sell your products online, having your  customer service department online, communicating with your employees online and a lot more. Anything which you can do in your physical shop or office could now be  Digitized !

The Web Solutions we offer in Abaad Media enables you to:

-    Have an online presence that is professional and attractive

-    Have a blog integrated to the website so that you can interact with your customers

-    Have an online shop so that you can sell online

-    Have booking and reservation forms that will  allow your customers to easily place inquiries

-    Have photo galleries and catalogs to clearly promote what you sell

-    Have a email marketing system to retain customers

-    Have advanced functions such as secure member areas , ad rotators and various web applications

-    Have a search engine friendly website that enables you to easily optimize your web page

-    Have all what you can think you would like to do through your website!!

Static Websites:

Static web development being very significant and influential of them all. Our strategy of static web development involves formulation and classification of static web pages. Static web page means that a website's page or any content thereof cannot be changed except in the case where someone sponsoring the website edits respective computer files.

Ecommerce Websites:

We help you build your online shop. Through your ecommerce website you can sell anything from songs and services, to products and cargo. We build systems that enable customers to browse and view your products, buy online and even communicate with you online through Live chat, blogs, or inbox messaging.

Flash Websites:

The flash technology has transformed the static websites of the yester years. The Flash based websites have enhanced the human factor of websites resulting in a much longer stay. This is good for business.

Abaad Media as a professional Flash website design Company has succeeded in creating high quality flash design that are professional, attractive and achieve a higher visibility in the web space.
Our website design creates a highly interactive experience for the user. Our team of seasoned flash designers and developers transform the most complex of requirements into a user friendly site.

Dynamic website - CMS:

A CMS (Content Management System) can be perceived as a hybrid technology of website maintenance and document management system – The delivery, addition, modification or deletion of new or updated content can be achieved simultaneously from different points. Web is being ruled by the introduction of new content every second and in this situation, if we are burdened with a monolithic structure. The management of content should be flexible and systematic.

Web Design:

Every great business idea takes wings with the launch of a professionally designed website. Internet has redefined the way business is transacted and your website is the gateway to these business opportunities.
A verifiable online presence has become indispensable for every company - to lead its competition and to secure a dominant position in the industry. It’s not only important to reflect the business strategy of a company through its website but, it is equally important to engage your potential customers and partners into conversation.

Web Maintenance:

Once the enterprise class website is up and running, the consistency and the uptime of the system is dependent upon a well oiled maintenance process.

Websites are continually being revamped in order to adapt to the business needs. This needs a system administration process in place which can handle day to day maintenance issues as well as emergency issues without any hiccups. Preserving the sanity of the system is a huge task particularly if you have frequent updates.
The technical staff at Abaad Media can handle all the maintenance hassles while you can concentrate on other strategic issues.

Our Process:

Abaad Media believes in a simple and linear process which is intuitive to both the client and the technical team. The process flow takes the following route...

Phase1- Requirement gathering phase

Once we have submitted the Quote and we get a green signal to proceed, the phase of requirement gathering starts. Our design team collaborates with your team to extract all the details related to the design. This ensures that the project is initiated with a common understanding of the objectives of website.

Phase2- First Design Draft is submitted

After all the requirements have been gathered by our design team, they get back to their drawing boards in creating the very first draft of the design. This draft is submitted to the client for a first look at the future of their website. The actual iterative improvements start after the feedbacks are provided from the client to Abaad Media team.

Phase3- Revisions

The source of revisions is the First Design Draft. Every revision ensures that the subsequent design draft is better than the earlier versions. After successive revisions, the draft starts to take shape and the final website looks set to be published.

Phase4- Finalize & approve the Design Draft

The final design draft is the result of successive improvements. The client gives the approval - that all the design specifications have been incorporated in the design. The next steps is the gathering of all the graphics which the client wants to be part of the website.

Phase5- Thank you & Site delivery!

Once all the graphics have been incorporate into the final approved version, the site with all its bells and whistles is reviewed by the client. Their sign off on the site is necessary to upload your website to your hosting server. We can also email the site files to you so you can upload and host on your own. Good Luck!

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