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Internet Marketing

Abaad Media has everything you need to succeed online, all in one place. We provide you with a comprehensive collection of tools and services to elevate your website to unprecedented success in all areas of Internet marketing. Find out more about any of our services and how the results we produce can make your business stronger and more profitable.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most successful internet marketing strategies used by companies in Lebanon. Search Engine Optimization which is also referred to as “SEO” enables your web pages to be presented on the first results of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. At Abaad Media we work with companies in Lebanon to enable them to leverage the power of SEO in order to drive traffic to their website, build credibility around there business and promote their products & services.

The second element that was found very popular among companies in Lebanon in the beginning of 2012 is “Social Media Optimization”. Social media optimization is building your presence on the social media portals where your clients are present, setting a social marketing strategy that helps you achieve your business and marketing goals, and finally managing the portals.

So whether you want to be active on the most popular social portals, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, we will be there to help you benefit from these powerful portals.

Email Marketing:

Many of the business owners and marketing managers we are meeting have a great doubt in the effectiveness of email marketing. Some say that most of the emails end up in junk mail, while others say no one even reads such marketing emails!

Send Messages with Abaad Media

We facilitate your life while enabling you to send mass personal/business/marketing emails in a low cost and highly effective approach to your friends and business associates.
Our email solution is totally reliable, easy to manage and fully secured.

Manage your campaigns With Abaad Media

Now you will be able to launch all of your business or marketing campaigns and take charge of you campaign thanks to our user-friendly interface.
You no longer have to hire a third-party company to manage all the aspects of your personal or marketing campaigns, with
Abaad Media you are in charge.
Abaad Media Mailer comes with a tracking solution that enables you to trace which emails have been sent and which have been read.

Control your Budget with Abaad Media

Abaad Media Mailer lets you reach your clients and friends with confidence using the secured online payment system of your choice.
Control what you are willing to pay for every mailing campaign and according to your monthly needs.

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